Honors College Office of the Provost

Staff Update: Matthew Stinson


The Honors College is proud to welcome, Honors College graduate, Matthew Stinson to our team as an Academic Advisor – let’s get to know Matthew!

Name: Matthew Stinson

Hometown: Summerdale, Alabama

Degree (s): M.Ag. Plant Pathology, B.S. Horticulture: Fruit and Vegetable Production

Why did you choose those degrees?

Early in academic career, I became interested in agriculture. It is an industry that is so fundamental that it is frequently overlooked. I wanted to understand how this global system operated and what effects it had on our everyday life.

What brought you to the Honors College? 

When I reflect on the courses and experiences that I enjoyed most throughout my academic career, each thought that comes to mind includes something that I was uniquely exposed to as an Honors student. Looking back, the advice that I received from my Honors Advisor proved to be invaluable in helping me navigate my undergraduate and graduate studies. When I saw the opportunity to join the Honors College and help provide today’s students with the same experience I had, I jumped at the chance!

Do you have any hobbies?

I love baking sourdough bread and lifting weights

What are small things that make your day better?

I enjoy taking a walk around campus and to downtown Auburn during my lunch break.

Movies, TV, or Books – or all three?

Anything in the Sci-fi and Fantasy genre!

You’d be surprise to know that I can … Swing Dance!

What do you hope to accomplish here at the Honors College? 

 I want to help provide Honors students with the best possible college experience that Auburn can offer.

What are you most excited about working at the Honors College?

Working with the fantastic Honors College staff members!

What advice would you give to an Honors College student? 

Take ownership of your value. While at Auburn, work hard to develop your skills, to learn all you can, and to build your professional network. However, do not let your value be determined by what you can or can’t do, what do or don’t know, or who you know. 

Do you have a favorite Auburn memory / or Auburn area memory?  

Yes, I proposed to my wife in the Arboretum, so it will always be a special place for me!

Best way to contact?

Through email Mws0024@auburn.edu

Matthew will serve as an academic advisor to students with he last names: Go-Mo and serve as the advisor for our Honors Serves student organization.

Last modified: January 28, 2021