Honors College Office of the Provost

Mission, Vision, and Values


Guiding Principles

The Honors College at Auburn University is designed to provide a select cohort of high-ability students a means to experience, explore, engage, and elevate their academic dreams. The Honors College offers smaller class sizes, priority registration, undergraduate research and internship opportunities, study and travel experiences, access to graduate-level courses, peer tutoring sessions, a more flexible curriculum, and designated Honors housing and study areas. These amenities and advantages are typically limited to small colleges, but can be found here within the Honors College at Auburn University.  Honors students also have access to the myriad opportunities available at a large and diverse research university, like Auburn University. Honors students engage in an academically challenging set of courses and programs meant to provide a deeper and more complex understanding of the class material. Through rigorous Honors-level courses, graduate courses, specialized advising, and regular exposure to diverse social and co-curricular programs, Honors College students forge closer connections to faculty and with fellow students, providing a sense of community and identity within the larger university context.

Value Statements

ENGAGE: We serve others with compassion.

EXPLORE: We pursue truth with courage and conviction.

ELEVATE: We participate in the creation of a more just world.

EXPERIENCE: We value the diversity of the human experience.

Last modified: November 4, 2021