Honors College Office of the Provost

Honors Course Proposal


Completed proposal packages should include:

  • The Proposal Cover Sheet outlining the course information  
  • A draft outline of the proposed syllabus
  • A CV or resume 
  • The Departmental and College Approval Form

Proposal Deadlines

All proposals for spring courses are due the first Friday in October at 4:45 pm the fall semester prior. 

All proposals for fall courses are due on the first Friday in February at 4:45 pm the spring semester prior.

Proposal Submissions

Complete proposal packages should be emailed to Suzanne Hunter. Hard copies addressed to Suzanne Hunter will be accepted in the Honors College (100 Cater Hall).

For further information, or to discuss your proposal before submission, please contact:

Suzanne Hunter

Assistant Director of Honors Advising

Honors College

100 Cater Hall

Auburn University, AL 36849


Phone: (334)844-5860

Last modified: February 2, 2023