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Honors College Course (Re)Design Academy

The Honors College is now offering an exciting, one-day intensive course (re)design academy intended to provide interested faculty members with the opportunity to hear from the unit’s leadership, current faculty and students, and other on-campus partners about the Honors College curriculum. Participants will learn about best practices in honors education and the logistics of the course proposal process. Faculty participants will also work in teams with faculty developers to begin designing a new, or re-designing an existing, honors course.


  • Faculty, both tenure-track and non-tenure-track, from all disciplines are invited to apply to the academy.
  • Faculty who have previously taught for the Honors College are eligible to participate in the academy, as are those who have not yet taught for the Honors College.
  • The most successful participants will dedicate significant time outside the academy to work on their course (re)design project.


  • CV
  • List of previous Honors courses taught (if applicable)
  • General plan for particular course interested in (re)designing (i.e. lyceum, seminar)
  • Please visit the “Faculty Resources” tab on the Honors College website for descriptions of the various course types offered within the Honors College and a link to sample syllabi


  • Sent in digital form to the Director of the Honors College Dr. Tiffany Sippial (tat0004@auburn.edu) with each file labeled as: filename_applicant last name_year
  • Please do not submit application pieces in separate emails.

Questions related to the application process should be directed to the Director of the Honors College Dr. Tiffany Sippial (tat0004@auburn.edu)

Last modified: July 8, 2021