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Getting to know: Adrianna Crossing


Adrianna Crossing is an Auburn University Honors College Alumna with a passion for fighting against social injustice, working closely with families, and learning through research. Adrianna is a doctoral student in the School of Psychology at Michigan State University that hopes to combine her passion of working with families and learning in a university setting. Her time as a student in the Honors College was an integral part of her educational journey.

Let's get to know Adrianna

Name: Adrianna Elizabeth Crossing

Degree: BA in Psychology

Graduation Date: May 2014

Current Title: Doctoral Student, School Psychology, College of Education, Michigan State University

Program Assistant, MSU Dialogues, Office of Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives, Michigan State University

Current Employer: Michigan State University

What brought you to the Honors College at Auburn University?

The Honors College at Auburn offered me an incredible support package that was unrivaled at any other institutions I applied to. I received individualized advising and guidance, a connection to an honors research mentor within my own department, an organization created specifically to support students who looked like me, and a competitive scholarship package. When it came time to pick where I would spend the first 4 years of my adulthood, it was a no brainer!

How did your Honors College experience shape your career path? 

I would day three honors experiences in particular were the beginnings of threads that are still prevalent in my life today. First of all, my first honors English class taught me that skating by like I did in high school was not going to cut it. I decided to take the same professor the next semester and fully commit myself to the readings, essays, discussions, and exams in a way that I had not before. That level of dedication to my studies prepared me for and propels me through my current doctoral program.

Second, my experience with Undergraduate Research made me into the budding social scientist I am today. I did research for almost three years at Auburn with a professor in the psychology field. If that isn't a testimony to the critical role of those experiences in my life, I don't know what is!

Lastly, I worked closely with Dr. Ken Thomas and many other students on Diversity in Honors while I was at school. Under his guidance, I learned to ask questions about the success of and barriers for diverse students. I have not taken a break from this work since we started in 2011. Recently, I was named to a social justice committee for my field's national organization, where I will continue to advocate for diverse students of all ages.

What advice or insight do you have for future and current Honors students?

Listen to your advisors and mentors! Take risks! There are opportunities I now have access to today because of a one-off conversation with an honors professor seven years ago. Support each other, study together, serve the community together, grow together. I am still close with almost all of my honors college friends, many years after graduation. These bonds can be for life!

What are your future career goals?

I will likely be some combination of university faculty and practicing licensed psychologist, whether that be a full-time clinician and an adjunct appointment, or a full-time tenure-track faculty position with a small caseload at a clinic. Working with children and families is a must, but I recently started considering adding teaching and research to that "career goals" picture. All of this time in school has nurtured a love of learning and research and I hope to return to academia as a professor so that I can create new spaces for learning and research for the next round of students.

If you could say thank you to the donor who helped fund your scholarship, what would you tell them?

My scholarship allowed me to use my existing college savings for graduate school, and to continue to save throughout college instead of spending it on tuition. As of 2018, eight years after I graduated high school, I am still student debt free. This is an incredible blessing that I do not take for granted for even one second, and I have my donor(s) to thank.

Were you part of any organizations in the Honors College? 

I worked closely with Diversity in Honors when I was at Auburn. The group of students that participated with me became like family to me. We still support each other's accomplishments and lend an ear whenever we can . I was also an Honors Ambassador, which was just a ton of fun! I loved meeting prospective students and families while working closely with our Honors College faculty and staff to coordinate recruitment efforts!

headshot of Adrianna Crossing

Last modified: September 18, 2018