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Reuben Moguel New Honors Advisor

The Honors College is thrilled to introduce our newest academic advisor Reuben Moguel. Mr. Moguel started earlier this week, and is excited to begin his journey with the Honors College at Auburn University.

Let's get to know Mr. Moguel.

Name: Reuben Moguel

Hometown: New Brockton, Alabama

Degree (s): B.S. Sports and Fitness Management with a Minor in Business, MSEd Teaching and Learning

Why did you chose those degrees? I enjoy sports. I grew up playing sports and really wanted to find a degree option that would allow me to be around sports within a business setting and sports management was perfect. That degree has afforded me so many opportunities that most people will never get a chance to experience and I’m grateful for that. My MSEd (master's of science in education) is one in which I really wanted to explore being able to teach at some point in my life. Teachers are special people that get to have the opportunity to touch young lives and help encourage students to pursue their dreams.

What brought you to the Honors College? Several things brought me to the Honors College. The opportunity to work at a great institution, to be closer to family, and to be able to work with highly motivated students that are in pursuit of their goals and dreams!

Do you have any hobbies? Yes, I love to travel, read, and watch movies.

What are small things that make your day better? Seeing and hearing about people doing what they love to do. Hearing student’s talk about what they are passionate about and why. My brother William is a high school football coach and he truly loves his job. My sister Lauren is a 3rdgrade teacher at an international school in Germany, and she loves being a teacher. So when I hear stories from them, or see student’s in action, it is a very good feeling and makes me smile. Being around people who love to laugh and have good energy makes each day great!

Movies, TV, or Books – or all three? Mostly movies. I enjoy reading and TV is usually hit or miss.

You might be surprised to know that I ... know how to judge meat. I was on a meat judging team in high school with the 4-H program.

What do you hope to accomplish here at the Honors College? I hope to bring in another point of view for the students to be exposed to from my traveling experiences and from the many different jobs that I have had the opportunity to learn from.

What are you most excited about working at the Honors College? I am most excited about being able to interact with students whether it be in a classroom setting, community outreach, orientation, or out and about on campus. Also, being able to work with fellow advisors on making sure that the students have every opportunity to have an amazing college experience.

Why advising? I started advising in order to have a more hands on approach to working with students and helping them navigate their way through the college experience. My good friend Katie Cross who is an amazing academic advisor at the College of The Albemarle in the Outer Banks, encouraged me to pursue advising along with another friend Chris King who had experience in advising. So I said why not and let me see how many lives I can touch in a positive way!

Do you have a favorite Auburn memory ?  No, I don’t have any specific memories tied to the Auburn area since I grew up south of here. I do however look forward to building new relationships, making new memories, and seeing where this journey takes me!

Best way to contact? Email: ram0093@auburn.edu


headshot of reuben moguel