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k(no)w poverty? Week of Service | 2017


The 2017 k(no)w poverty? Week of Service Graphic

About the Week of Service

A Week of Lectures, Films, and Service

After the k(no)w poverty? Week of Service, students should be able to articulate the root causes of poverty, and the propagation of the cycle of poverty. Participants will experience how intentional service can help alleviate poverty and learn about opportunities to serve the community through the Honors College and Auburn University.

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Photo Gallery

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Meet Our Counselors

Head Counselors

Headshot of Alex Dobbins

Alex Dobbins

I fully expect this Week of Service to be super beneficial for everyone involved, from learning about the prevalence of local poverty and its solution to making lifelong friends. See y’all soon and War Eagle!”

Hometown: Birmingham, Alabama

Major: Microbiology

Minor: Hunger Studies

Interests/Hobbies: Playing with dogs, running, reading and traveling.

Headshot of Carter Williams

Carter Williams

I hope that this year’s k(no)w Poverty Week of Service is an opportunity for students to get connected with the Honors Community and to experience various ways to serve in the area that we will call home during our college years.”

Hometown: Mobile, Alabama

Major: Applied Mathematics

Interests/Hobbies: Boating, golf, and Auburn athletics


Headshot of Matthew Ergle

Matthew Ergle

The Week of Service is such an eye-opening experience for everyone involved. It certainly had a great impact on me, and I cannot wait to help others learn about serving and alleviating poverty in our area.”

Hometown: Abbeville, South Carolina

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Interests/Hobbies: Running, hiking, soccer and music

Headshot of Colton Harris

Colton Harris

The week of service is a great way to make new friends, serve the community, and get to know the Honors College very well. It will not disappoint!”

Hometown: Oak Grove, Alabama

Major: Civil Engineering

Interests/Hobbies: All sports, hunting, fishing and country music

Headshot of Chris Heilmann

Chris Heilmann

K(no)w Poverty week of service was hands down the best way to start  my college career, and now I want to make it just as great for the new incoming freshman.”

Hometown: Roswell, Georgia

Major: Aerospace Engineering

Interests/Hobbies: Space, spur of the moment trips with friends, woodworking and blacksmithing

Headshot of Kailey Beth Smith

Kailey Beth Smith

The k(no)w Poverty Week of Service was the absolute best way to begin my time at Auburn University.  During the week, I became connected to other students, as well as to the community. I learned so many things that broke my heart, and that gave me a desire to serve those people and this place.”

Hometown: Mobile, Alabama

Majors: Pre-Journalism and Political Science

Interests/Hobbies: Reading, writing, photography, kayaking, Indie/Folk music, coffee and hand lettering

Headshot of Chris Steward

Chris Steward

The k(no)w Poverty Week of Service was one of my favorite experiences during my first year at Auburn, and I hope this year’s Week of Service will be the same for incoming freshman who participate. I look forward to serving and learning about poverty with the other counselors and incoming honors students!”

Hometown: Bay Minette, Alabama

Major: Civil Engineering


Interests/Hobbies: Hunting, kayaking, going to the beach, serving, running, camping and being outside

Headshot of Mitchell Tate

Mitchell Tate

I hope everyone has as great of an educational experience in this year’s Week of Service  as I did last year.”

Hometown: Columbiana, Alabama

Major: Biomedical Sciences

Interests/Hobbies: Sports, traveling and boating

Headshot of Devin Taylor

Devin Taylor

Week of Service was a great college experience as I got to make many friendships and learn about how I can help my community.”

Hometown: Birmingham, Alabama

Major: Civil Engineering

Minor: Community and Civic Engagement

Interests/Hobbies: Trying out new sports, reading and eating

Items to Bring to your Week of Service

Closed-Toe Shoes

Work Clothes

Work Gloves

Reusable Water Bottles


Personal Bag (small drawstring bag will do)

Old T-shirts to donate (will be cut up for a craft)

Move-in Information

Students living on campus will move in on Friday, August 11, 2017. An Early Housing Move-In Fee of $90 will be charged to the student. If this fee is unaffordable, and the student shows documented financial need, please contact Dr. Ken Thomas via email. Students living off campus should move in on Friday, August 11, 2017, as well. Students living off campus will need to arrange permission with their residencies (apartment owners, landlord’s, etc.) to move in on this date. Some places have different move-in dates.

If university documentation is required for an early move in, contact Dr. Thomas via email and he will assist you. Service Training will begin on Saturday, August 12, 2017 at 9 a.m. so students must be settled into their accommodations by then.


Do I need a car to participate? No, participants are free to drive, but transportation will be provided for those without vehicles.

Do I need to live on campus to participate? No, any incoming Honors College Freshman is eligible to apply.

Will I get to move into my actual on-campus room if I participate in the WoS? Yes you will. Housing will send out specific instructions on when and where to get your room key.

Housing move-in registration is open, what should I do? Register or not? Yes, register for move-in as if you are not attending the program. If selected, the Honors College will notify you, and place you on a modified move-in schedule.

Are meals provided during the WoS? Most meals are provided during the WoS. A schedule is provided that clearly indicates when and where meals and snacks will be provided. Participants with special dietary restrictions will be accommodated as much as possible.

Can I participate with dietary restrictions? Yes, we will work with you to ensure your needs are met.

Will campus dining be open during the WoS? Limited campus dining locations will be open during the WoS till Thursday 17, August when regular dining operations will commence.

Where can we park during the WoS? Students that live both on and off campus will be allowed to park on campus during the WoS based on an arrangement with Parking Services. Participants that are accepted into the program will be notified of designated areas for parking in advance of arriving on campus.

Will I have the opportunity to do other activities during the WoS? The WoS runs all day with mandatory and optional activities at night. In order to be fully immersed in serving and getting to know fellow freshmen, it is recommended that participants not be involved in any other activities that week.

What is the k(no)w poverty? WoS class? This class is a 1 credit hour pass/fail Honors College participation course (i.e. does not affect your GPA) that would run in the Fall semester. The class only meets 6 times over the semester. See “Course Offering: HONR 1087.

How can I sign up for the k(no)w poverty? WoS class? At the time of signing up to participate in the WoS, you will indicate whether you want to be in the class or not. Honors College staff will then place students in the class. This class will remain closed throughout CWE since only participants are eligible to be in this class.

Course Offering: HONR 1087

Students will have the opportunity to take a one-hour Honor’s participation course. This class will allow students to discuss in a greater depth poverty and possible solutions to poverty beyond community service. The class will meet about four to six times over the course of the semester. Students cannot register for this class at Camp War Eagle. Students must request to be placed in this class after participating in the week of service.

Week of Service Partners

A special thank you to all of our partners! Alabama Rural Ministry (ARM) Habitat for Humanity AU Office of Alumni Affairs AU School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences AU Center for Civic Engagement  AU McWhorter School of Building Science Storybook Farms AU Government and Economic Development Institute AU Division of Student Affairs Salvation Army of Lee County Mary Ellen’s Hearth St. Margaret’s Service AUM Conference Services Salvation Army of Montgomery The University of Alabama Center for Ethics & Social Responsibility Jean Dean RIF Food Bank of East AlabamaFeeding The Valley Food Bank Alabama Possible AU Housing & Residence Life AU Parking Services


Registration for the 2017 Week of Service is now closed.

Last modified: May 23, 2019