Week of Service | 2019


The 2019 k(no)w poverty? Week of Service

Plans are underway for the 2019 WOS, check the page often for updates, meet the new counselors, and other information about how you can participate in the k(no)w poverty? Week of Service.

Head Counselors

Headshot of Hayleigh Hallman

Hayleigh Hallam

"The Week of Service provided me with the best possible start to my college experience. It gave me the opportunity to meet and serve with such wonderful people in our community, as well as form incredible friendships and memories with other Honors students."
Hometown: Marietta, Georgia
Major: Pre-Pharmacy
Interests/Hobbies: Exploring new places, Baseball, Football, Going to concerts, Coffee, Hiking, and Dogs
Headshot of Sarah Ray

Sarah Ray

Week of Service gave me a greater understanding of poverty at a local, national, and international level. It was a humbling way to begin my time at Auburn and I hope everyone who participates will feel the same way!
Hometown: Wetumpka, Alabama
Major: Language Arts Secondary Education
Interests/Hobbies: Tennis, Traveling, Reading, and Writing!


Austin Blanton

The Week of Service was the best way that I could have started my career as an Auburn student. Not only did it help to connect me to my peers, but also to expose me to the pressing issues that both the Auburn community and our country as a whole face. I am excited to share this unique experience with incoming students in 2019!
Hometown: Hoover, Alabama
Major: Biomedical Sciences & Neuroscience
Interests/Hobbies: Cooking, Hiking, Tennis, and Cats

Lora Bozeman

The Week of Service was a very eye-opening experience that allowed me to connect to campus and the community. I think it is the perfect start to anyone’s Auburn experience. I can’t wait to share this experience with the incoming Honors students!
Hometown: Beulah, Alabama
Major:Biomedical Sciences
Interests/Hobbies: Reading, Painting, Playing any kind of sport, Hiking, Traveling, and Drinking coffee

Austin Hamlin

Week of Service was absolutely the best way to start my freshman year. I had the chance to both learn about a serious issue and also help out members of our community. Getting to work alongside fellow Honors Students and my counselors and form friendships before I entered my fall semester was an amazing resource. 
Hometown: Pell City, Alabama
Major: Computer Science
Interests/Hobbies:Music, Food, Hiking, and Fishing

Jack Janik

The Week of Service is such an eye-opening experience because it sheds light on the issue of poverty from a different perspective. Throughout the week, I learned a lot and developed friendships that made the transition to college much easier. See you this summer!
Hometown:Katy, Texas
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Hobbies:Hunting, Fishing, Running, Hiking & Lake Activities

Riley Locke

I cannot think of a better way to have spent my first two weeks as an Auburn student! It was truly an eye-opening experience that made me think long and hard about poverty and food insecurity. It also challenged me and made me grow as a person on many different fronts. I highly recommend this opportunity to any incoming freshman!
Hometown: Clanton, Alabama
Major: Computer Science
Interests/Hobbies: Tennis, Reading, Listening to music, Watching HBO/Netflix shows

Triston Long

I am so glad that I participated in the Week of Service! It allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and make new friends within the Honors College while also giving me an extra week to learn my way around Auburn's campus and community. I can't wait to meet all of the incoming Honors Freshman during the 2019 Week of Service!
Hometown: Walnut Hill, Florida
Major: Computer Science
Interests/hobbies: Music, Netflix, Programming, and playing Video Games

Katie Martin

The Week of Service embodies everything that Auburn is about, and I cannot wait to share this experience with the incoming Honors freshmen. You don’t want to miss this!
Hometown: Wetumpka, AL
Major: Law and Justice
Interests/hobbies: Dogs, Auburn Football, Sushi, Traveling, and watching Netflix/Hulu

Morgan Millikan

The 2018 Week of Service was a great way to serve and changed my whole perspective on poverty and how it can be right in our own backyard. With the information I gained, it makes me want to challenge myself and others to share this information, so together we can make a difference not just in Auburn, but around our country.
Hometown:Suwanee, GA
Major: Biomedical Sciences
Hobbies/Interests: Track and Field, Eating, Watching Netflix, and Traveling

Isaac Niedzwiecki

The Week of Service was the best way I could have kicked off my Auburn experience. It changed my perspective on the world around me while also allowing me to begin my college life with a close group of friends and mentors. I’m very excited to be able to share my experience and help lead others in finding their passion for service!

Hometown:Athens, Alabama

Major: Undeclared Pre-Med

Interests/Hobbies: Sports, Hiking, Traveling, Going to the rec, and watching Netflix

Ian Sanderson

Starting out my college experience with Week of Service was the best decision I could have ever made as a freshman college student. Serving alongside my peers for a week enabled me to build lasting relationships as well as learn about opportunities auburn offers for serving the community.
Hometown: Brentwood, Tennessee
Major: Chemical Engineering
Hobbies: Playing the piano, exercise, cooking, hiking, basketball

Lauren Walters

The Week of Service was a great way to start my college experience because of the amazing people I got to meet and the incredible experiences the week had to offer. I would encourage any incoming freshman to take advantage of this amazing opportunity!
Hometown: Dacula, GA
Major: Biochemistry
Interest/Hobbies: Reading, traveling, being outdoors, music

William West

Week of Service provided me with such a great start to my college experience as I learned about poverty and served around Auburn. I learned a ton and made many friends within the Honors College. My perspective on poverty changed in a big way, and I can't wait to share that experience as a counselor for the 2019 Week of Service!
Hometown: Brentwood, TN
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Interests: Music, Cooking, Camping, and Sports
Do I need a car to participate?

No, participants are free to drive, but transportation will be provided for those without vehicles.

Do I need to live on campus to participate?

No, any incoming Honors College Freshman is eligible to apply.

Will I get to move into my actual on-campus room if I participate in the WoS?

Yes you will. Housing will send out specific instructions on when and where to get your room key.

Housing move-in registration is open, what should I do? Register or not?

Yes, register for move-in as if you are not attending the program. If selected, the Honors College will notify you, and place you on a modified move-in schedule.

Are meals provided during the WoS?

Most meals are provided during the WoS. A schedule is provided that clearly indicates when and where meals and snacks will be provided. Participants with special dietary restrictions will be accommodated as much as possible.

Can I participate with dietary restrictions?

Yes, we will work with you to ensure your needs are met.

Where can we park during the WoS?

Students that live both on and off campus will be allowed to park on campus during the WoS based on an arrangement with Parking Services. Participants that are accepted into the program will be notified of designated areas for parking in advance of arriving on campus.

Will I have the opportunity to do other activities during the WoS?

The WoS runs all day with mandatory and option activities at night. In order to be fully immersed in serving and getting to know fellow freshmen, it is recommended that participants not be involved in any other activities that week.

What is the k(no)w poverty? WoS class?

This class is a 1 credit hour pass/fail Honors College participation course (i.e. does not affect your GPA) that would run in the Fall semester. The class only meets 6 times over the semester. See "Course Offering: HONR 1087."

How can I sign up for the k(no)w poverty? WoS class?

At the time of signing up to participate in the WoS, you will indicate whether you want to be in the class or not. Honors College staff will then place students in the class. This class will remain closed throughout CWE since only participants are eligible to be in this class.

Testimonials from Some of Our Current Counselors

Last modified: February 15, 2019