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Application Information


Application Process for Incoming Freshmen 

Qualified incoming freshmen will receive an invitation to apply the Honors College  after they have received their acceptance to Auburn. Invitations, application deadlines, and notifications regarding acceptance are on a rolling timeline, and are dependent on when a student is accepted to Auburn.

This invitation is digital and will be sent to your Auburn email address and well as the personal email address listed on your application to Auburn. It will also include information about the Honors College, a link to the application, and the deadline for submission. 

In order to be accepted, you must complete the application and submit it. 

The Honors College will send notices of acceptance beginning in late fall and early spring. Accepted students will have a few weeks to accept/acknowledge their spot in Honors. 

The deadlines are firm, and we will not accept any students after the final acceptance date. 

Accepting a spot in the incoming Honors College is not binding and does not commit a student to coming to Auburn; students will still have until the university deadline to decide. Membership in the Honors College has no ties to university level scholarships. A student can receive top scholarships and choose not to be in the Honors College. 

*Note that this timeline is subject to change based on the university’s admissions decisions release dates and calendar* 

Application Information

There are two, 500-word essays on the application itself and a spot for you to list your activities and involvements. *Students who submit test score as a part of their application packet to the university are only required to complete one essay. Students who do not submit a test score are required to complete both* 

Essay Prompts

The first one is required for all students to answer and the second one is required of students that did not submit test scores to Auburn as a part of their application packet.

  1. If you could select a moment in history to travel back to, what moment would you choose? How would you participate in and/or change history? Why?
  2. What is something about you that we won’t find in your application packet that you feel is significant for the admissions committee to know? Why?

Each essay is no more than 500 words. We would suggest writing it out in a word document and then copying and pasting it into the essay text area in the application.

Application Cycle

This year's application cycle will be different for Auburn and different for the Honors College so please stay in contact with us if you have questions or issues. We are always happy to meet with students and your families to talk more about the Honors College and answer any questions. You  can schedule an appointment through the “schedule a visit” button on our webpage or by emailing us directly: hcadmit@auburn.edu

Auburn Username and Student ID

Your Auburn username is the seven character combination of letters and numbers that identifies you at Auburn (e.g. xyz0001). AU Access is the service that provides you with your Auburn email (TigerMail), eBill, and other services.

Your banner ID number or student ID number is a randomly assigned nine digit number that will be printed on your TigerCard (student ID card) and is necessary to know for the completion of certain Auburn forms (e.g. 903xxxxxx), including your application to the Honors College.

Your user name and ID number can be found on your acceptance letter to Auburn University. If you cannot find your User Name and ID number, please call the Office of Admission Processing at (334) 844-6429.

How to login to your student email account

If you have not already done so, visit auburn.edu/activate to enable your Auburn account. Once your account is activated, you will have access to TigerMail (your Auburn email account), as well as AU Access.

Tigermail: tigermail.auburn.edu
AU Access: auaccess.auburn.edu

Application Tips

Please do not press the enter key while navigating the application. This will submit the application. Please use your cursor to move between sections in the application.

If you accidentally submit your application before you are finished, please email any remaining information to hcadmit@auburn.edu. Be sure to include your name and student ID number. Your application will be considered submitted.

Didn't receive an email? Check your email account folders ...

Please check your spam/junk folders in both the email that was listed on your application to Auburn, and your official Auburn email account. The subject of the email with your invitation to apply is: “Honors College at Auburn University Invitation," or "A Message from the Honors College at Auburn University."


Last modified: January 27, 2021