Honors College Office of the Provost



Admission to the Honors College at Auburn University depends on both your current academic standing, and your potential for outstanding academic achievement. Prospective students to the Honors College are strongly encouraged to have a completed admissions application on file with Auburn University prior to December 1. ( Please note: this is not the Honors College application deadline.)

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Outlined you will find the requirements to join the Honors College as an incoming freshmen, current student, and transfer student.

Requirements for Incoming Freshmen

The minimum requirements for admission to the Honors College include:

  1. a minimum high school grade point average of 3.85 (weighted or unweighted)
  2. a minimum 29 ACT or equivalent SAT (the Honors College will consider superscores as part of the admission process)
  3. submission of completed Honors application including two written essays and a resume.

Selection of incoming freshmen is based on GPA, supplemental documentation, evidence of candidates’ activities and leadership, and the content included in the written essay. Qualified students who have been accepted to Auburn University will receive information on applying to the Honors College within a month of their acceptance to Auburn University.

Requirements for Current Auburn Students

Students currently enrolled at Auburn University, who have a 3.4 cumulative unadjusted grade point average, can apply for admission to the Honors College. Current students who would like to apply should contact the Honors College office for more information.

Requirements for Transfer Students

Transfer students to Auburn University, with a 3.4 cumulative unadjusted grade point average, are welcome to apply for admission to the Honors College. For more information on how to apply as a transfer student contact the Honors College office .

Last modified: December 5, 2022