Honors College Office of the Provost

Honors student Regan Moss switches to new research-based graduation distinction


Regan recently decided to switch to one of our new research-based graduation distinctions. Read more about what prompted her decision:

Why did you decide to switch to the new distinction?

I decided to switch because I see research as an integral part to my long-term career goals, as well as a key element to my time at Auburn. Auburn was recently named an R1 research institution (War Eagle to that!), and the Honors College is constantly providing new outlets for growth and opportunities to learn. This new distinction allows for me to become more immersed in the world of research while also allowing me to continue managing my time to complete my Honors College degree and learn from others within the Honors community.

What do you see as the benefits to switch?

This new distinction allows for me to grow as a research assistant (e.g. grasping a greater understanding of my role as an undergraduate in a lab, learning about different research methods, and opening my mind to varying areas of research). I can learn more about the world of research in general–both on and off campus– develop better techniques, and hold myself responsible to conduct ethical, replicable, and overall scientifically-sound research. Furthermore, I will be surrounded by others also involved in labs. I undoubtedly will be able to learn a substantial amount from not just the professors, but also from my peers. I am excited to hear about others’ research, and for the chance to grasp a greater hold on my future research goals and ideas.

How did you go about making the switch? 

I made the switch by contacting my advisor. I made a few adjustments to my 4-year plan in respect to the added course requirements listed and then scheduled an appointment.

Was it easy to make the switch?

It was incredibly easy to switch from my previously designated distinction. I had an idea prior to meeting with my advisor as to how it would work with my schedule, as well as a basic understanding of the new course descriptions. Mrs. Hunter made it very painless and easy and provided a lot of very helpful input in regards to structuring my 4-year plan and ideas for personalizing the courses that have some variability (in respect to my own interests and involvements.)

Last modified: July 11, 2019