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Honors College  Summer Course Design Fellowship 

 The Auburn University Honors College’s “Honor Your Teaching Summer Course Design Fellowship” supports AU faculty in the creation of new honors course offerings in their field of expertise. 

Over the summer, fellows will design a new course with the assistance of the Honors College academic affairs staff. Through a series of three virtual workshop sessions, fellows will learn best practices in honors education, engage in discussion of their course ideas, and receive feedback on ways to strengthen their proposed course materials. Fellows are eligible for funding in subsequent summers pending successful application. 


All faculty, both tenure-track and non-tenure-track, from all disciplines are eligible to apply for the fellowship.

Faculty who have previously taught for the Honors College are eligible to apply for the fellowship, as are those who have not yet taught for the Honors College.

The most successful participants will dedicate considerable time outside the virtual workshops to work on their course design project.


$1,000 (1-hour course)

$3,000 (3-hour course)

$2,000 (co-taught course; split between the fellows)

Fellows will also receive $1,000/credit hour each semester that they offer the course. Example: If you propose a 3-hour course, you would receive $3,000 during the summer course design fellowship period and an additional $3,000 for every semester that the course is taught.


    Using the fellowship approval form, fellows will secure chair approval before applying for the fellowship, informing the chair of all requirements for the fellowship, including the expectation that fellows will:

    Teach the newly designed course at least twice over the course of the subsequent two academic years.

    Be eligible to teach their designed HONR course the spring following the course design fellowship period.

    Commit ample time outside the workshops to ensure that they produce high quality course materials.

    Attend all three virtual summer workshops hosted by Honors College staff.

    Submit a completed syllabus at the end of the summer for approval by Honors College academic affairs staff.

    Fellows should consider applying simultaneously to the Biggio Center Course Re-Design Institute to secure additional financial and instructional support. For information on this program, please visit: https://biggio.auburn.edu/programs/course-redesign


    Please include …

    Curriculum Vitae

    List of previous honors courses taught (if applicable)

    General plan for course interested in designing (1 1/2-2 pp):

    • Type of course (i.e., lyceum, seminar)
    • Course description (1-2 paragraphs)
    • Intended student population (i.e., majors, career interests)
    • Expected course outcomes (i.e., goals, learning outcomes)
    • Please elaborate if you have taught a course on this topic, or a similar topic, in the past. o The “Faculty Resources” tab on the Honors College website offers descriptions of the various course types offered within the Honors College and a link to sample syllabi: http://honors.auburn.edu/honors-faculty/honors-course-proposal


    Deadline: March 15

    Please send information in digital form to the Assistant Director of Academic Affairs, Suzanne Hunter, (sap0005@auburn.edu) with each file labeled as: filename_applicant last name_year

    Please do not submit application pieces in separate emails.

    Please direct any questions to the Assistant Director of Academic Affairs, Suzanne Hunter (sap0005@auburn.edu) or use the following link to make an appointment with her: https://aub.ie/shunter

    Last modified: January 31, 2023