Honors College Office of the Provost

Faculty Awards


Each year the Honors College recognizes one (or more) faculty members who have made a substantial and lasting contribution to the academic and intellectual lives of our students. Nominees are solicited from students and other faculty and chosen by a selection committee.

The Professor of the Year Award: Awarded to the professor whose outstanding teaching has most inspired, enriched, and challenged Honors College students.

2008Dr. Don WehrsEnglish
2011Dr. William BuskistPsychology
2012Dr. Debbie FolkertsBiological Sciences
2013Dr. John D. GordenChemistry
2014Dr. William BuskistPsychology
2015Dr. Kristrina ShulerAnthropology
2016Dr. Jeffrey KatzPsychology
2017Dr. Lewis BarkerPsychology
2018Dr. Lisa PetersonMathematics & Statistics
2019Dr. Sarah HamiltonHistory
2020Dr. Vince CammarataChemistry and Biochemistry
2021Dr. Ya-Xiong TaoAnatomy, Physiology and Pharmacology
2022Dr. James McKellyEnglish

Last modified: March 8, 2023