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Honors College Ambassadors


Embodying the best the Honors College has to offer, these Honors students are chosen to represent the college through numerous recruitment events, as well as to help prospective students with any questions they may have concerning the Honors College. Each of these students has a special story about the Honors College and Auburn University to tell.

Prospective students, please feel to reach out to one or more of these ambassadors with any questions you have about the Honors College or life at Auburn University.

Austin Blanton

Biomedical Sciences and Neuroscience | Junior | he/him

My name is Austin Blanton, and I am pursuing concurrent degrees in Biomedical Sciences and Neuroscience in hopes of going to medical school after graduation. Medicine has been a passion of mine since my freshman year of high school, and Auburn has provided me with the means to make that dream a reality. In particular, the Honors College has helped me to become more involved, both in my classwork and in my campus life. I love my honors STEM classes because of the smaller class sizes and the truly exceptional professors who teach them; additionally I am a member of several Honors College student organizations, such as Honors Ambassadors and Honors Serves. Please reach out if you have any questions!

Peace Elimimian

Nursing | Junior

Being a non traditional international student with 2 other degrees from years ago, I found it difficult to follow lectures in normal classes and it was hard to remember information. Honors college class sizes is what I love most about being a Honors scholar. The constant teacher-student interaction made all of my classes feel like tutor sessions and  helped bridge the time gap.

Megan Hagmaier

Business | Sophomore | she/her

I am a sophomore majoring in Accounting. I am from Mobile, AL and have been in the Honors College for a year. While there are a myriad of factors that make the Honors College special, I particularly love how it encourages the creation of friendships and connections. Whether it be smaller class sizes or events like a Cup at Cater, the Honors College gives its students the opportunity to meet and interact with others. 

Kahlea Haladwala

Biomedical Sciences (Pre-Med) and Spanish | Junior | she/her

I am from Birmingham, Alabama and majoring in biomedical sciences/pre-medicine with a double-major in Spanish. My favorite thing about the Honors College is the intimate classroom environments. Every aspect of your learning becomes so intentional and important that you feel encouraged to learn, study, and get the most out of your education. I have made some of my greatest friends in honors courses, and truly enjoyed learning the material because the professors encourage active learning through discussion, projects, and activities. Also, because the classes are smaller, you are able to get to know your professor better and start forming those important and impactful professional relationships that are so valuable for the future.

Jack Janik

Mechanical Engineering | Sophomore | he/him

My name is Jack Janik and I am from Katy, Texas. In my free time, I enjoy hunting, fishing, running, lake activities and camping. I am very involved on campus in a variety of organizations such as Greek Life, Engineering Summer Camps, Honors Serves, and Honors Ambassadors. I encourage everyone to get involved with Honors because of the many avenues for success it provides and the opportunity to become a well-rounded leader on campus. 

Riley Locke

Computer Science | Sophomore | he/him

I am from a small town in the middle of the state called Clanton, Alabama. Growing up, I realized I always liked problem-solving and a good challenge, however, I never found that I was sufficiently challenged at my high school. That is why I thought the Honors College would be a good fit for me. I was also initially attracted to the Honors College because I have always liked to surround myself with people who are as motivated as I am, as we tend to feed off each other's ambition. Within the Honors College, I have found just that and more. Through programs like the Week of Service and Honors Serves, I have found lifelong friends who also have a heart for service. I am incredibly grateful for the Honors classes, as all of my favorite classes and professors thus far in my time at Auburn have been Honors. 

Katie Martin

Law and Justice and Public Relations | Sophomore | she/her

What I love most about the Honors College is that it focuses on creating not only great students, but great people. The Honors College empowers its students to not only excel academically, but use our strengths to make the world a better place. Here, you're not just a name on a sheet of paper, but rather an exceedingly unique individual with the capability to make any dream a reality. 

Sara Matthews

Biomedical Sciences and Neuroscience | Sophomore | she/her

The Honors College has been Auburn's biggest resource to me since my very first day as a freshman. I not only met my closest friends through the Honors College but was also able to transition easily into the college workload with help from advisors and peers. This teamlike aspect is what I enjoy most about the Honors College. With the same goal of success in mind, students and faculty are both willing to assist anyone who may be lost or just needs someone to talk with.

Riliegh-Ann Murray

Neuroscience | Sophomore | she/her

My name is Riliegh-Ann Murray and I am a Sophomore from Jasper, Ala. looking to earn my degree in Neuroscience. The Honors College is a fun experience as a whole, not just in different aspects. It has allowed me to make lifelong friends, develop networking skills, make connections with advisors, and excel in classes. There are so many opportunities that I have been provided with, and I love the Honors College for that.

Cindy Nguyen

Pre-Med | Junior

My name is Cindy Nguyen and I am a junior in Biomedical Sciences with a concentration in Pre-Dentistry. I'm involved in greek life, Global Brigades, and Auburn ToothFairy. Honors College has been an integral part of my college experience. I have truly met some of my closests friends through the Honors College. The resources, advisors, and professors made the transition of highschool to college seamless and stress free.

Ian Sanderson

Mechanical Engineering | Sophomore | he/him

I am a sophomore and second year participant in the Honors College at Auburn University. My passions include, but are not limited to, exercise, playing the piano, and reading. My favorite thing about the Honors College is the competitive nature of the students involved in it. Working with a group of my peers who are constantly wanting to achieve above and beyond the limits assigned in the classroom, establishes a work ethic and a thirst for knowledge in me that I will leverage throughout the rest of my life.

Tyler Ward

Political Science and Journalism | Sophomore | he/him

Honors College has given me the tools and desire to strive for more. It showed me that your work ethic and dedication are more important than your circumstances. With the confidence that the Honors College has renewed inside of me, I've been able to join organizations like SGA, BSU, and Emerge! My hope is that everyone with the opportunity to be apart of Honors College will not only experience this renewed diligence, but be able to say at graduation that they strived for more!

For more information on the Honors College Ambassadors or how to join, contact Rebecca Shippen.

Last modified: September 11, 2020