Honors College Office of the Provost

Honors College adds new research distinctions for graduates


The Honors College at Auburn University is introducing two new graduation distinctions: Honors Research Scholar and University Honors Research Scholar.

These new distinctions reflect the Honors College’s commitment to help expand Auburn University’s enterprise as an R1 Carnegie Research Institution and to uphold the Honors College mission statement to “seek truth with courage and conviction.” With the new distinctions, students now have the ability to plan a deep, impactful and individualized research experience with the full support of the Honors College faculty and staff.

These distinctions support Honors students who are engaged in transformational undergraduate research at Auburn. The 2017-18 Honors College annual report showcases the variety of research being performed by Honors College students, from developing new tests that will quickly detect radioactive and toxic heavy metals in drinking water after a nuclear contamination event to studying canine breast cancer in order to enhance human health and wellbeing. In this vein, the distinctions act as a springboard, providing students with a curricular framework to structure these experiences.

“I’m excited for this opportunity to encourage and celebrate the amazing research of our Honors College students,” says Honors College Director Tiffany Sippial. “Graduating as an Auburn University Honors College Research Scholar will allow our students to tell the story of their research journey within the Auburn University Honors College. Their diplomas will now testify to their status as trained, experienced researchers whose work in the lab, field or archive is deserving of special recognition.”

For many years, students have had the opportunity to graduate with one of two traditional distinctions: Honors Scholar and University Honors Scholar. Both distinctions require 24 hours of Honors coursework, three of which must be in Honors participation courses. University Honors Scholars must complete an additional six hours of coursework deemed as Senior Year Experience.

The two new distinctions mirror these traditional distinctions in many ways. Both still require 24 hours of Honors coursework, including three hours of participation courses. However, the new distinction require that one of these participation hours be the “Honors Lyceum: Research at Auburn” course. Other specific requirements of the new distinctions center on intensive research training: three hours of these classes must be Honors Research Methods and six hours must be Honors Research Seminars. University Honors Research Scholars are also expected to complete six hours of individualized Senior Year Experience courses.

Last modified: July 9, 2019