Honors Research Colloquium: Michael Halvorson


Topic: Open-Architecture Composite Structures and You


Exhibiting a strength-to-weight ratio far surpassing structural elements such as carbon steels or aluminum, composite macrostructures are ideally suited for weight-conscious industries such as aerospace structures, ship building, and high altitude projects, to name a few. Open-Architecture Composite Structures(O-ACS) are the most recent advancement in the filament winding manufacturing technique. Filament winding itself has been performed by millennia, but the advent of resin pre-impregnation of carbon fibers before winding and curing has created a new, useful tool for advanced design engineers. O-ACS have been discovered by the military in the last 5 years as an innovative way to reduce the weight of soldier necessities while maintaining component strength and quality. High-quality filament wound structures are soon to be applied in nautical, aerospace, ballistic, automotive, and energy capture systems. So how are they made?


Michael Halvorson graduated with Honors from Auburn University in December 2017 with degrees in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering. He is currently pursuing a Masters in Mechanical Engineering while working in the Smart Materials, Actuators, Sensors and Hardware Laboratory(SMASHLab) on characterizing flow fields around three dimensional filament wound structures using Particle Image Velocimetry.

Last modified: February 6, 2018