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Eagle Scholar Newsletter Volume 9 | Issue 2


Honors Serves

Honors Serves is a service organization that offers students the chance to engage in meaningful volunteer opportunities in areas around Auburn and in the surrounding communities. There are several project options students can choose from, including both in person and virtual volunteering. The first general meeting is Tuesday, September 1st at 5 pm over Zoom. For more information about the organization, join Honors Serves on AUInvolve to get put on the mailing!

Honors Congress Meeting

Join us Wednesday, September 2nd, at 7 pm in a Zoom meeting. We will discuss how to get involved in committees, events we’re hosting this semester, and membership for people who haven’t joined yet.

Meeting ID: 880 7442 9484
Passcode: 8nW3pA

DiH is back!
Diversity in Honors is holding their first meeting of the semester this Tuesday, September 1, at 6pm via Zoom. Visit Diversity in Honors on AU Involve to join!
Grab some SWAG!
Swing by Cater Hall on September 8th and pick up some fun Honors College swag – we’ve got phone stands, t-shirts, bags, sunglasses, pens,  pins, mugs, and notepads for you! From 10 am- Noon and 2-4 pm.

Mock Interview Day(s) | September 8 & 9

Practice is a very important part of the interview and job seeking process. The University Career Center will host a two-day Mock Interview Day on September 8 and 9 from 8:30am-4:00pm for all currently enrolled students at Auburn University. Each interview will last approximately 30 minutes which includes feedback from the interviewer on what was done well ad what could be improved. Use visit our Interview Tip Page and visit the Campus Career Closet to prepare and be able to present yourself in the same way you would for a “REAL” interview.

Pop in for Popcorn!

What’s Poppin?

Brand new event just hop in … to Cater Hall for a free popcorn snack on September 14 from 2-4 pm. Free to all Honor College students!

NSF-GRFP Information Session

National Science Foundation – Graduate Research Fellowship Program informational session held September 14, 2020 at 4pm via Zoom. This will explain the application and process, as well as introduce any resources to help with the application. 

Peer Academic Coaching- 

Biology + Chemistry + Math + Physics + Humanities

Schedule a Peer Academic Coaching appointment through Advise Assist!
Directions for how to schedule an appointment:
1. Login to Advise Assist
2. Click “Schedule an Appointment”
Location: Academic Advising & Student Services
Service: Honors ONLINE Peer Academic Coaching
3. Choose your subject and coach!

Peer Coaching appointments will be available Monday, August 31 – Tuesday, November 24  

CV and Résumés

Join us for a career development workshop focusing on CVs and résumés! September 15 at 2 pm.  Zoom ID: 96495659101

NPS Here to Help You!

Interested in nationally competitive scholarships? The National Prestigious Scholarship Program is here to help you through the application process, be it Fulbright, Rhodes, Marshall, Goldwater, Truman. Our scholarship and research coordinator Alex Sauer wants to help you find the perfect scholarship. Learn more below and be sure to fill our our intake form so we can better match your skills to available scholarships.

Research Position in Biological Sciences

Last modified: September 1, 2020