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Eagle Scholar Newsletter Volume 8 | Issue 5


Career Center Classroom: CVs and Résumés

You’ve accomplished so much, and now you need to put it all together on paper. Join us for a discussion about the two most important documents in your application portfolio when applying for any job or graduate school: your résumé and CV.

Honors College Film Series

Honors College Film Series was developed to highlight contemporary issues in America.

The Starfish Throwers
Powerful, direct and heartrending, The Starfish Throwers explores how three of the world’s most fiercely compassionate individuals struggle to restore hope to the hopeless in unexpected and sometimes dangerous ways. Continents apart, a sixth grader, a top chef and retired school teacher fight what seems an unwinnable war until they discover their impact may reach further than their action.
(source: IMDb.com)

October 23 | Haley Center 1403 | 3 pm

Cries from Syria
This film is a searing, comprehensive account of a brutal five-year conflict from the inside out, drawing on hundreds of hours of war footage from Syrian activists and citizen journalists, as well as testimony from child protesters, leaders of the revolution, human rights defenders, ordinary citizens, and high-ranking army generals who defected from the government.
(source: IMDb.com)

October 24 | Eagle Residence Hall | 8 pm

A Cup at Cater – Lemonade

Join us for A Cup at Cater! Enjoy the gorgeous fall weather and have a lemonade (or two) on us! We’ll have snacks, a beautiful locale, and more importantly a place to visit with your fellow Honors students!October 24 | Cater Hall | 2 – 4 pm

Free Peer Academic Coaching

Ask an Honors Student offers free academic coaching provided by your peers who have taken the course in a previous semester. This fall they are offering coaching in:

Biology + Chemistry + Math + Physics

Fall 2019 Coaching Session Schedule:

Tuesday 4 – 6 pm | Thursday 4 – 6 pm | Haley Center 3034

Spots Still Available for Cuba!

This 10-day trip immerses you in Cuba’s extraordinary culture, history, and social life. Our itinerary will move us from the cobble-stoned streets of Old Havana to the rich farmlands of tobacco country and the architectural gems of the island’s central provinces. 

Psyched for Success

Mid-Semester Stressin’

You’ve made it this far in the semester, but it has been STRESSFUL! College can be exhausting, between keeping up with classes, hanging out with friends and doing all those extra activities, there seems to be no room left for yourself. If you’re like a lot of people, you probably feel a range of emotions about all of these activities you have to keep up with! While that is completely normal, it is also an important sign that you need to take some time for yourself. But how are you supposed to take care of yourself when there is just so much going on? Actually, self-care helps you be able to do everything else more effectively. Sometimes even five minutes can make all the difference! Here are some ways you can participate in self-care.

Balance your body: drink plenty of water, take a power nap, use a face mask, and relax your jaw.

Taking care of your physical health, even in small ways can have huge benefits. This is not just eating right and exercising, although those are helpful too. It’s about taking care of yourself daily. You focus on your physical health when you have the flu, which includes staying hydrated, resting and getting the nourishment you need. So, why wouldn’t you do these things when you are feeling well too?

Boost your brain: watch a funny video, daydream for 15 minutes, create a custom playlist.

Mental self-care impacts how you feel, think and behave. For some managing mental health might be studying for a mid-term and for others it might be working through a difficult conversation with a friend. No matter what the need experience is, giving your mind time to recharge will make all those things so much easier to accomplish!

Honor your heart: be mindful of the comparison trap, ask for help, and give a compliment.

Focusing on your emotions and giving yourself time to feel them helps you refill your cup. Making sure you have what you need to be supported emotionally is essential in daily life and is key for healthy relationships.  

Find your purpose: get rid of clutter, set a realistic goal, introduce yourself to someone new.

Self-care that involves finding your purpose is how you will learn to adjust to the information overload that happens in college. It will also help you realize what makes you unique and discover some new things that you really enjoy!

Dellitt, J. (2019). Self-care for college students: From orientation to graduation, 150+ easy ways to stay happy, healthy, and stress-free. Avon, Massachusetts: Simon and Schuster. 

Student Organizations

Honors Congress: Honors Congress will be partnering with the Macon County Humane Society to volunteer at their annual Puppies and Pumpkins adoption event. This event is open to everyone and is a great chance to get involved while also walking, petting, and loving on dogs. For more information, or to volunteer, please join the Honors Congress Philanthropy GroupMe.

October  27 | Puppies and Pumpkins

Congress hosting a Halloween movie night on Cater Lawn at 7 pm o October 29. Get spooky with them as you watch Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed. 

October 29 | Movie Night Cater Lawn | 7 pm

Honors Serves: Honor Serves will be having their weekend event for the semester on Saturday November 9 from 1-3 pm at Chewacla State Park. They will be helping clean up the park, as well as just hanging out with each other! This is a great opportunity to get to know other members of Honors Serves outside of your weekly projects. They also want to welcome any members of all Honors organizations to participate. They will arrange carpooling for those of you who need a ride. Please fill out this poll by November 1 so that they can plan accordingly.

November 9 | Chewacla State Park Clean-Up | 1 – 3 pm

Diversity in Honors:

Student Opportunities

Law Firm Opportunity
Weil has recently launched a new exciting initiative, Weil Legal Innovators, which offers the opportunity for ten rising law students to serve as a public service fellow, or Innovator, with a nonprofit organization for one year prior to the student beginning law school. All expenses associated with the program, including salary and health benefits for the Innovator are covered by Weil. View the WLI Press Release

Wellness Coaching Appointments Available
Wellness Coaching is a weekly opportunity for undergraduate students to work on their healthy living goals.

Using a strength based approach  and based on the Nine Dimensions of Wellness, students can work with an Peer Wellness Coach to set and work towards health goals such as:
Stress Management
Time Management
Financial Wellness/Literacy
Sleep Hygiene
Conflict Management

Visit the website to learn more make an appointment

The 2020 Peace Summit
Humanitarian Affairs Asia is organising the 2nd Peace Summit of Emerging Leaders. The summit aims to gather young leaders from different parts of the world to give them a new perspective and a broader understanding on peace building.
The summit features keynote speakers, networking sessions and interactive workshops to prepare and empower young leaders to be a champion of peace.
The summit aims to:
Encourage delegates to creatively think about practical ways to affect positive change within their communities through social projects.
Promote peace and non-violence as a form of effective diplomacy among emerging global leaders.
Encourage delegates to think about social issues that the global community faces today, and to apply critical thinking skills on solutions to these challenges.
Provide access to unique educational opportunities in which delegates can learn knowledge in peacebuilding.
For more information please contact: Dr. Tiffany Sippial, or learn more below
Peace Summit Flyer
Peace Summit Schedule
Peace Summit Application

Around Campus

Office of International Programs is offering a Hyundai plant tour on Oct. 25. The tour is free and open to the first 32 students that sign up. To register before the spots fill up, email auksi@auburn.edu. Transportation will be provided to and from the plant, and an email with detailed information will be sent to participants prior to the event.

October 25 | Montgomery, AL | 1 – 5 pm

College of Liberal Arts | Women’s Studies Program: The Revolution That Wasn’t: How Digital Activisum Favors Conservatives. 

From the Arab Spring and Occupy Wall Street to Black Lives Matter and #MeToo, digital activism seemed cheap, fast, and open to all. While hashtag activism captures headlines, conservative digital activism is proving more effective on the ground. Jen Schradie ‘s talk, based on her book, The Revolution That Wasn’t, identifies the reasons behind the previously undiagnosed digital-activism gap.

Read the flyer

October 29 | 230 Miller Hall  | 4 – 5:30 pm

Last modified: October 15, 2019