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Eagle Scholar Newsletter Volume 8 | Issue 14


Honors College Research Fellowship Application Now Due April 15th

The Honors College Research Fellowship Program has extended the fellowship deadline to April 15th. This fellowship offers support to Honors College students for research and research-related travel. Interested students will need to apply for this opportunity along with their faculty PI/mentor. Please contact Alex Sauer if you have any questions

New To Zoom?

Learn more about the Zoom video conferencing services. 

Honors Peer Academic Coaching

In an effort to continue to offer Honors Peer Academic Coaching virtually, we have integrated our coaching services into Advise Assist. To schedule a remote coaching appointment, students can login to Advise Assist and select “Honors Peer Academic Coaching” as their appointment type. Students will then be prompted to select a subject. For example, “Honors Calculus I Peer Academic Coaching.” Once the appointment is made, students will receive an email confirming their appointment and a Peer Coach will reach out via email to provide the Zoom link for their appointment time. Coaches will be available for appointments every Tuesday and Thursday from 5 – 7 pm.

Students with Technology Needs

This site is designed to collect information from Auburn students who, as a result of the move to remote instruction, have a technology or Internet access need. Please complete the form with as much specific information as possible on your needs.

Academic Support 

Below are the ways students can connect with Academic Support programs and services. 

Academic Coaching – If students have been participating in Academic Coaching this spring semester, they will receive an email from their Academic Coach encouraging them to connect for their next appointment via Zoom. If students have not met with an Academic Coach this semester, they can go to the Academic Coaching page and click on “Make an Appointment”. After logging into Advise Assist, they can select Academic Coaching in the Office of Academic Support and select Coach Consult as the reason. Coach Consult appointments will help students focus on study skill strategies and habits. Our Academic Coaches are prepared to discuss how students may need to adjust their learning approaches to fit an online learning model. Students are welcome to schedule coach consult appointments for ongoing tools and resources throughout the semester.

Study Partners (peer tutoring) – Students are able to request online tutoring in a course by completing a Qualtrics Survey linked on the Study Partners page. Based on our work to survey tutor’s ability to provide Zoom tutoring, students will be paired with a tutor via email and complete a tutoring session via Zoom.

Supplemental Instruction – SI Leaders will continue to support their assigned courses, but through an amended approach relying mostly on email and Zoom. All SI program staff are meeting Monday (3/16) at 5pm via Zoom to discuss this transition. SI Leaders are expected to attend the online delivery of courses as they would on campus. SI Leaders will be contacting the class roster next week to offer the available avenues for support unique to that course and SI Leader. Whatever the format, SI support will continue its focus on helping students gain content mastery while strengthening skills and strategies for succeeding in the current context, as well as offering peer connections during this time of distance learning.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Academic Support team with questions and ideas to support student learning and success at AU. Thank you for your referrals to our services, ongoing.

Career Center Information

Find information about the Auburn University Career Center

The Career Center will continue to meet with any student or alumni within 5 years of graduating who needs our help. All appointments and mock interviews can be scheduled through Handshake and will be facilitated via Zoom during this time. There will be no drop-ins, so all appointment types will be available to all students in Handshake to be made at their convenience. 

Campus Career Closet
Due to the nature of this service, the Career Center will be closing the Campus Career Closet at this time with plans to reopen on April 10. The March Madness Clothing drive will resume at that time as well and winners will be announced the first week of May.

Electronic Resume Reviews
There are two options for students to have their resumes reviewed online. It is suggested that all students start with VMock for immediate feedback, and then once revisions are made, submit through their  eResume option for customized feedback. 

Job Postings
Employers are still hiring right now, so continue using Handshake and CareerShift to look for positions that are being posted daily.

Career Fairs
To follow guidelines, the Career Center has cancelled the Auburn University Career Fair scheduled for March 24. However, there is a Virtual Career Fair available for our students to attend for FREE on April 2. This will give students the opportunity to meet with employers from around the country while keeping everyone healthy. 

For Classes or Student Groups
To assist faculty and staff in transitioning online, the Career Center has recorded some of our most popular presentations which can be embedded into Canvas with closed captioning included. These can be requested quickly and easily. A variety of tutorials for many of our systems are also available upon request. 

As always the Career Center has a lot of valuable resources on their website and are happy to accommodate special requests as needed. 

Campus Food Pantry to Remain Open

Although the Student Center will be closed, the Campus Food Pantry will be open in an altered format.

Participants can complete their Food Preference Form online. Please note that all requests will be filled based on availability, so users may not receive everything on their request form. All forms completed by Wednesday at 12 pm (noon) will be available for pick-up on Thursday from 9 am – 10 am on the concourse between the Student Center and Haley Center. Additionally, please be mindful that participants MUST turn in an empty bag in order to receive their bag for the week (i.e., return a previous bag when you pick up a new bag).

First time users can contact contact the Campus Food Pantry at auburncares@auburn.edu

The Campus Food Pantry will operate on this format for the entirety of the period that classes are online (March 16 – April 10). If users are unable to pick up during the aforementioned time due to class or work, please let the Campus Food Pantry know so they can attempt to make other arrangements.

Miller Writing Center

The Miller Writing Center office will continue to support students, faculty, and staff with writing and writing instruction. The Miller Writing Center will offer online appointments and University Writing administrators will contribute to faculty support efforts lead by the Biggio Center. They will continue to be available for one-on-one consultations through email. Please access this resource to see the full details of their COVID-19

Auburn University Medical Clinic

As of March 14, the AU Medical Clinic does NOT have COVID-19 tests available. They have a very limited supply of collection kits that would be used only if a patient meets certain criteria. If a kit we collect is approved by ADPH it would be sent to ADPH or a commercial lab for testing.

If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms please call 334-844-9825 BEFORE visiting the clinic.

If you have general questions pertaining to COVID-19 visit the CDC website or aub.ie/coronavirus.

Samuel Ginn College of Engineering Remote Tutoring

Engineering Peer Tutoring has transistioned to remote tutoring. To learn more visit their website. Below is the remote tutoring procedure.

  1. The student makes an appointment through Advise Assist, adding their full auburn email in the comment box 
    The tutor receives an appointment notification through Advise Assist.
  2. The tutor will set a zoom appointment and send a session confirmation email (with ZOOM link) to the student.
  3. The student must use the link provided to log into their session on the appointed day and time.

Remote Math Tutoring

Auburn University Department of Mathematics and Statistics is offering tutoring remotely through Zoom. 

Here is the information you need to connect:

What: Math Tutoring Center

Time: 3:00-6:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada) 

 Every week on Mon, Tue, Wed, and Thu

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android and Connect using Computer/Device audio by connecting to the appropriate room (see the links below):

Tutors and tutees should be able to use the video and whiteboard features in zoom to communicate math and ask questions and get answers. 

Start in room a, and if it becomes too crowded, ask one of the tutors to connect to room b. Tutors will do their best to answer questions in order, and even if you’re waiting to have a question answered, hopefully you can learn from the answers to other questions. 

Math 1000 & 1100 Tutoring (room a)

Math 1000 & 1100 Tutoring (room b)

Math 1120, 1130 & 1150 Tutoring (room a)

Math 1120, 1130 & 1150 Tutoring (room b)

Math 1120, 1130 & 1150 Tutoring (room c)

Math 1120, 1130 & 1150 Tutoring (room d)

Math 1610 (room a)

Math 1610 (room b)

Math 1610 (room c)

Math 1620 & 2630 (room a)

Math 1620 & 2630 (room b)

Math 2650 & 2660 (room a)

Math 2650 & 2660 (room b)

Math 1680 & 1690 (room a)

Math 1680 & 1690 (room b)

Math 1680 & 1690 (room c)

Math 1680 & 1690 (room d)

If you have any questions, please email MathTutoringCenter@auburn.edu

Psyched for Success!

Nothing Compares
College can cause you to really evaluate various aspects of the self relative to others around you. You may compare things like attractiveness, intelligence, success, and even wealth. Social comparison theory states that individuals determine social and personal worth based on these various dynamics. Comparison can be positive if you use it as fuel to motivate yourself to greater academic and personal achievements. However, comparison can be negative if it works as a means of tearing down the self or creating feelings of inferiority or superiority relative to others.

 As the familiar adage goes, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” Self-acceptance and working toward creating a better version of you every day, and using self as a comparison instead of others, can go a long way toward happiness, personal self-improvement, self-efficacy, and self-esteem.

Taking a closer look at social comparison theory:

Provided by Student Counseling and Psychological Services (www.auburn.edu/scps)

Career Workshops

The University Career Center has pre-recorded sessions for the topics we were planning to cover during our Honors College Career Workshops. Please find links below to a Lecture on Interviewing and Business Etiquette.

Honors College Student Awards

Nominations or self-nominations are welcomed from Honors College students, faculty, and alumni. To be eligible for these awards, a student must be classified as a senior (completed 90 hours) with a minimum 3.2 GPA. Please submit the following materials in a single pdf document labeled last name, first name, award via email to Dr. Tiffany Sippial (Director of Honors College) at tat0004@auburn.edu no later than April 16:

1. Letter of Nomination
2. Résumé or CV
3. Contact information for three (3) references.
Awardees will be recognized at the annual spring Honors College graduation ceremony.

Honors College Student Awards:

Edward Gentle III Award: Awarded to a graduating Honors College student in recognition of his or her outstanding scholarship, mental attitude, and leadership qualities over the course of his or her career in the Honors College. To be eligible for the award, the student must complete the entire Honors curriculum, which includes the Senior Capstone Experience.

Meritorious Service Award: Awarded to the Honors College student whose dedicated service to our local, regional, or national community best embodies the Honors College mission to “serve others with compassion.”

Distinguished Research Scholar Award: Awarded to the Honors College student whose distinctive research record best embodies the Honors College mission to “pursue truth with courage and conviction.”

Wayne and Louise Crews Award: Awarded to the Honors College student whose contributions to the Honors College embody the full spirit of the Honors College mission to serve others with compassion, to pursue truth with courage and conviction, to honor the diversity of human experience, and to participate in the creation of a more just world.

Non-Student Awards:

Honored Alumni Award: Awarded to a graduate of the Honors College whose contributions to the Honors College, to Auburn University, and/or to our broader world embody the full spirit of the Honors College mission to serve others with compassion, to pursue truth with courage and conviction, to honor the diversity of human experience, and to participate in the creation of a more just world.

Jane and Sherman Pitts Volunteer Leadership Award: Awarded to an outstanding volunteer who graciously gives their time, talent, and resources back to the Honors College. 

Let Us Know!

Are you doing something awesome? Maybe it’s starting a fun new club on campus, helping discover new methods on an undergraduate research project, winning awards, or you’re hosting an art show off campus. We know as Honors students you are making a difference in the world – and we want to know about it. We are gathering students to feature on our social media for this spring semester and this summer. To be featured emailed the Honors Communication Department and let us know how you are Honoring Your Dreams!

Last modified: March 17, 2020