Honors College Office of the Provost

Eagle Scholar Newsletter Volume 8 | Issue 1


Welcome Back

Welcome back to Auburn and the Honors College! Our director has a special message to our new and returning students. Be sure to take a moment to read about how to ENGAGE your fall semester.

Honors Forum Orientation

Students enrolled in Honors Forum (HONR 2077) are encouraged to attend the Honors Forum Orientation. There are two time options available (4 pm & 4:30 pm), please choose the one that best fits your schedule.

August 21 | Haley Center 1435 | 4 or 4:30 pm 

It’s Frenzy Time!

Start your college career off with a day of fun, fellowship and food during Freshmen Frenzy! This event, for incoming Honors freshmen only, is hosted by the Honors College and the student organizations within the college. 

August 23 | Upper Quad | 5:30-7:30 pm

Fulbright Scholarship Information 

Travel abroad, work, live with and learn from different cultures as a Fulbright U.S. Student. The Fulbright U.S. Student Program provides grants for individually designed study/research projects or for English Teaching Assistant Programs. 

Open to juniors, seniors, graduate students, or anyone with future interest in applying. Reservations are not required and we hope to see you there!

August 26 | RBD Library Room 3133 | 3 pm

NSF GRFP Information 

If you are planning to apply to graduate school in a research related field or if you are already in your first or second year of a graduate research program, then attend the upcoming National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program (NSF GRFP) informational session. If selected the NSF GRFP can help take your scientific career to the next level through much needed stipends and funding opportunities.

Open to seniors, graduate students early in their programs, or anyone with future interest in applying. Reservations are not required and we hope to see you there!

August 28 | RBD Library Room 3133 | 3 pm

Dunk a Donut!

Incoming Honors College students: stop by Cater Hall to have a donut with your advisor! This drop-in event is a great opportunity to meet your advisor and enjoy a sweet treat!

August 29 | Katharine Cooper Cater Hall | 8 – 10:30 am

Honors College Film Series

Honors College Film Series was developed to highlight contemporary issues in America.

To Render a Life:
A portrait of a contemporary, poor, rural family living under the same conditions as the cotton sharecroppers of the Depression.

August 29 | RBD Library 3129 | 3:30 pm

Free Peer Academic Coaching

Ask an Honors Student offers free academic coaching provided by your peers who have taken the course in a previous semester. This fall they are offering coaching in:

Biology + Chemistry + Math + Physics

Fall 2019 Coaching Session Schedule:
Tuesday 4 – 6 pm | Thursday 4 – 6 pm
Haley Center 3034

Psyched for Success

You’re here, now what? 

YOU DID IT! Whether this is your first semester calling Auburn home, your last semester on the plains, or somewhere in the middle—you have successfully made it to a bright and shiny new Fall semester.  You may feel excited, overwhelmed, nervous, happy, enthusiastic, sad, and a host of other emotions.  If you’re like a lot of people, you probably experience a range of these feelings and that is completely normal. Adjusting to the university, whether it is your first or fourth time, can be challenging. There is a lot of information to absorb and things to remember, but there are some ways that you can help yourself with this transition and adjustment period.

Locate your supports: Whether that is your academic advisor, a mentor, your RA, an upperclassman, a coach, a parent, a sibling, etc. Find someone who you can turn to when you might feel confused, lonely, or need some support. 

Take it easy: It can be easy to want to jump in with two feet as soon as you get here. Love that enthusiasm! But also make sure to schedule in downtime for yourself to relax and recharge.  

Develop a routine: Dedicate time to write out your entire schedule for a week, including when you’ll do things like go to class, eat, study, sleep, exercise, and socialize. Having a routine can help establish normalcy during transition, will help you stay on top of things, and is good for mood stability. 

Get involved: No matter how long you have been at Auburn, there are always new ways to get involved. Follow your passion or try a few new things to find your passion. You’ll meet new people, have fun, and most importantly learn and grow. 

Ask for help: While there are a lot of things you will be able to navigate on your own, others may be more difficult. Recognize that some difficulty is normal, but if you are having a hard time finding answers or coping on your own, Auburn has support services available for you. Utilize the counseling center, academic support services, career center, office of accessibility, student involvement, or any of the other services on campus: http://www.auburn.edu/main/currentstudents/

Additional information about college adjustment: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/singletons/201807/15-tips-ease-the-transition-high-school-college 

Provided by Student Counseling and Psychological Services (www.auburn.edu/scps)

Wonderful Week of Service 

Prior to the start of the fall semester nearly 100 incoming Honors College students participated in this year’s k(no)w poverty? Week of Service. The group served with a number of local agencies, watched a number of films, listened to lectures, and experienced a poverty simulation in hopes to gain a better understanding of the issues surrounding poverty in Alabama. 

Last modified: August 20, 2019