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Eagle Scholar Newsletter Volume 6 | Issue 6


Congratulations Matthew!

Honors College senior Matthew Rogers is now a finalist for two National Prestigious Scholarsthips – the Marshall and the Rhodes. 

Read about Matthew’s Marshall nomination

Read about Matthew’s Rhodes nomination

Honors College Film Series

The United States of Secrets

November 13 | Caroline M. Draughon Auditorium RBD | 3 pm

Spring Study Abroad

This spring the Honors College has three diverse Study & Travel courses for Honors Students to experience. From the sites and sounds of New York City to the diverse culture of Cuba, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Course Hightlight: Honors Thermodynamics

This exciting new addition is a great way for students to gain Honors credit through their engineering curriculum.

ENGR 2010 Section 003 on TR From 12:30 pm-1:45 pm will be for Honors College students only. To register for the courses you must email Dr. Bob Karcher, you will not be able to register through the system. 

Honors Dining Etiquette  Workshop

November 14 | Career Classroom Mary Martin Hall | 2 pm

In this workshop students will learn all the basics of dining; the DOs and the DON’Ts. With many interviews now including a meal component, this is a workshop that all students should attend (whether you’ll be applying for scholarships, internships, co-ops, or full time employment). The workshop will be led by Ms Nancy Bernard, Director of the AU Career Center.

Common Book Author to Speak

Dave Eggers, author of “The Circle,” will give his keynote speech on November 30 at 7 pm in the AUSC Ballroom. This event was originally scheduled in September, but was postponed due to weather. 

Study Sessions

BIOL 1027 | November 12 | Haley 2213 |  6-8 PM 

PHYS 1607 | November 27 | Haley 2213 | 7-9 PM

CHEM 1117 | November 28 | LIBRY 4129 | 7-9 PM

Students enrolled in BIOL 1027, PHYS 1607, and CHEM 1117 are encouraged to attend these study sessions.  An Honors College student who has successfully completed the course will lead the session and be available to answer any questions.   

Last modified: November 7, 2017