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Eagle Scholar Newsletter Volume 6 | Issue 14


Where Dreams May Go

April 5 | Mell Classroom 2550 | 4-5:30 pm 

The Honors College is hosting a campus-wide event “Where Dreams May Go: A Celebration of National Prestigious Scholarships at Auburn University.  A panel of twelve Auburn alumni and current students will speak about their scholarship experience, to be followed by a question and answer session and light refreshments. 

Where dreams my go header for NPS event on April 5

Diversity in Honors

Ice Cream Social: April 12 | Cater Hall | 5:30 pm

Diversity in Honors spring ice cream social on April 12 at Cater Hall at 5:30 pm

Honors College Semi-Formal Tickets on Sale Now!

The Honors College Semi-Formal tickets are now on sale for $30 a single ticket and $50 a couples ticket.

Tickets can be purchased here through Ticket Tailor. 

Or you can send ticket money through Venmo @HonorsCongress-AU, name Honors Congress AU. Be sure that your student name is either the Venmo account you use to send the money or in the comment section.

Formal is opened to all Honors College students. Dates need not be Auburn University students or Honors College members. 

Honors Congress Semi formal on April 14 at 8 pm

A Cup at Cater

April 16 | Cater Hall | 2-4 pm

The lemonade edition of A Cup at Cater is back! Enjoy a crisp glass of lemonade on the front porch of Cater Hall with your fellow Honors College students. The weather should be beautiful, so let’s enjoy the last our last Cup at Cater of the year. As always we’ll have a few grab-and-go snacks for you too!

three students enjoying lemonade with the a cup at cater lemonade date and time in from April 16 from 2-4 pm

Honors Intermediate Spanish

Want to improve your converational skills in Spanish through fun interactive activitiesand small classes? The Honors College is now offering two Spanish classes during the Fall semester.

FLSP 2017 | MWF | 9-9:50 am

FLSP 2027 | MWF | 11-11:50 am

In addition to normal course work, the student will have weekly live sessions with a native speaker, mini-vocabulary presentations in class, and complete a final paper at the end of the semester. The student will write a 4-page research paper in Spanish exploring a cultural topic in the Spanish-speaking world. The student will be able to explore a cultural side of Spanish while continuing to develop grammatical and vocabulary skills beyond what is taught in class.

This Honors Intermediate Spanish I and II classes are designed to be a review of the major Spanish verb tenses including past, present, future, and past subjunctive and indicative. Each lesson will be centered around a common theme, such as clothing, technology, the environment, personalities, travel, food, future plans, student careers, and current events. The instructor will give a short explanation of the relevant verb tenses and provide opportunities to practice through written exercises, role plays, and games. Articles, short stories, music, film clips, etc. relating to the chosen theme will also be used for additional grammar and vocabulary practice, as well as development of conversational skills in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

For more infomation contact your advisor or the instructor, Vivian Constanza Holland.

Honors College Film Series

Two films will be showing within the next two weeks. More information on the films can be found online.

Honors College Film Series graphic for: the three burials of Melquiades Estrada at 3 pm in Teague Hall on April 3

Honors College Film Series graphic for: The Visitor at 3 pm in Libry 4035 on April 11

Critical Conversations: Intellectual Diversity and Free Expression of Ideas on College Campuses

April 3 | Mell Classroom 2550 | 5 pm

Peter W. Wood is president of the National Association of Scholars. He is the author of A Bee in the Mouth: Anger in America Now (2007), Diversity: The Invention of a Concept (2003), and The Architecture of Intellectual Freedom (2016). 

As part of the Critical Conversations speaker series, Auburn welcomes a lineup of distinguished scholars, journalists, and thought leaders to share their experiences on a range of topics that include intellectual diversity, inclusion, and free speech in higher education. The campus community is invited to participate in these events and is encouraged to continue the dialogue.

Student Organization Update

Diversity in Honors

Ice Cream Social: April 12 | Cater Hall | 5:30 pm

Honors Congress

Honors Congress Chair positions are now open for application. You do not have to be a current member of Honors Congress to apply. If you want to serve the Honors College and are looking for leadership experience, then apply for a chair position may be for you! 

Download the application and descriptions of positions.

Applications are due to Ms. Hunter by April 6, 2018.

Honors Serves

Leadership and executive positions are now available for Honors Serves. Applications are due Friday. Interested participants can download the application on AUInvolve. For issues or questions contact Becky Martin.


Last modified: April 3, 2018