Honors College Office of the Provost

Peer Academic Coaching


Spring 2021 Honors College

Honors College Peer Academic Coaches are dedicated to helping their peers gain the knowledge they need to succeed in this elite college program through academic coaching and mentorship. Academic Coaches help honors students develop the skills to approach specific subject areas and courses, foster relationships between incoming freshmen/peers and experienced students, respond to any honors-related questions students might have, and guide students to helpful academic resources when needed.


Biology + Chemistry + Math + Physics + Humanities

Schedule a Peer Academic Coaching appointment through Advise Assist!

1. Login to Advise Assist

2. Click “Make an Appointment”
Appointment Type: Academic Advising & Student Services
Reason: Honors ONLINE Peer Academic Coaching

3. Choose your subject and coach!

Peer Coaching appointments will be available Feb. 1 – April 23

Last modified: February 5, 2021