Honors Seminars

  • Course:HONR 3007
  • Purpose:To allow honors students to explore a topic of interest with some depth; similar to a Graduate Seminar.
  • Contact hours:3 per week (Three 50 min meetings or two 75 min meetings)
  • Credit hours:3
  • Schedule type:Lecture
  • Prerequisites:Good standing in HC; open to any major
  • Minimum enrollment:12
  • Anticipated enrollment:15
  • Grading type:Regular (i.e. A-F)
  • Meeting:Class
  • Expected outcomes:Students expand their knowledge in a specific area of interest that the faculty member has expertise in.
  • Administration:No anomalies
  • Compensation:For sections meeting the minimum enrollment, the Honors College will transfer $6,000 to the appropriate College for further transfer to the faculty member’s department.
  • Faculty eligibility:Tenured and tenure track full time faculty at AU. The course must fit with faculty member’s area of expertise.

Last modified: August 14, 2015