Honors College Office of the Provost

Honors Book Clubs

  • Course:HONR 2087
  • Purpose:To allow honors students to discuss ideas surrounding a common theme among peers from different disciplines.
  • Contact hours:1 per week
  • Credit hours:1
  • Schedule type:Discussion
  • Prerequisites:Good standing in HC; open to any major
  • Minimum enrollment:10
  • Anticipated enrollment:15
  • Grading type:Satisfactory / Unsatisfactory (S/U)
  • Meeting:Class
  • Expected outcomes:Students are more knowledgeable of the books read and have better oral communication skills.
  • Administration:No anomalies
  • Number of books:2 or 3
  • Compensation:None
  • Instructor eligibility:Upper level administrators, tenured and tenure track full time faculty at AU. Further to this, the books chosen must have direct correlation to the instructor’s documented educational background, personal experiences, research agenda, or teaching interests.

Last modified: August 14, 2015