Honors College Office of the Provost

Request for proposals to teach Honors College (HONR) courses


The Honors College invites proposals from faculty members in all academic units as well as top level administrators to teach some of our Honors College (HONR) courses during the upcoming academic year. These courses are taken by Honors College students to complete the Honors Curriculum towards earning the graduation distinction of University Honors Scholar. Compensation varies by course type and payment is made to either the instructor’s department (to buy out part of regular teaching) or to the instructor for teaching an overload. The deadline for proposal submissions is January 18 each year. Proposals are currently being solicited for the following HONR courses:

HONR 3987, Honors Research Seminars

HONR 3007, Honors Seminars

HONR 3087, Honors Study & Travel

HONR 2087, Honors Book Clubs

General information required for all HONR course proposals are:

Faculty/Instructor Information

1. Name

2. Highest degree completed

3. Current rank and/or title

4. Department or unit

5. Name of Department Head

6. College affiliation

7. Phone and email contact info

8. List of all HONR courses taught and the semesters

9. List areas of research and teaching interests


10. Most recent CV

11. Tentative syllabus that includes: tentative course title; schedule; readings; assignments; grading criteria

12. Signed

Department & College Approval Form

Other items expected are detailed below by specific course type:


Honors Research Seminars (HONR 3987)

Describe in detail (3-5 pages) the scholarly project that you will have students engaged in during this course. Include the following details:

  1. List anticipated research or creative products of this class that would be suitable for, at a minimum, the AU Research Week.
  2. If any equipment/materials will be needed for the class to be able to do the proposed work, please detail along with costs (Note: $7,000 max. for reimbursement of expenses; $3,000 faculty research fund support).
  3. Include whether students will need to have prior training or knowledge to be able to engage in the scholarly endeavors.
  4. Describe the course model that you will utilize to ensure that students get a directed study/research experience (i.e. teams, individual projects, class effort, etc.).
  5. 2-3 sentence description of the Honors Research Seminar that can be used to advertise the course.

Honors Seminar (HONR 3007)

  1. Provide a brief 2-3 sentences description of the course that can be used to advertise your course.
  2. Briefly describe how the course will have wide appeal to honors students in multiple majors.
  3. Describe the types of learning (egs., experiential, active) that will be incorporated into the course.

Honors Study & Travel (HONR 3087)

  1. Provide a brief description of the course. Detail key aspects of the trip and the immersion experience.
  2. Describe what makes this destination appealing to honors students from multiple majors.
  3. Chosen dates for the trip.
  4. A tentative budget and itinerary on a per student basis. Please provide estimates with and without airfare included.
  5. Briefly describe your experience (language fluency, research, teaching, etc.) with the proposed course topic and travel destination.
  6. In the case where research is incorporated, please details any research equipment needs and provide a separate budget for the research component.

Honors Book Clubs (HONR 2087)

  1. List the 2 or 3 books to be read. Include title, author(s) and publisher.
  2. Briefly describe how the content of the books emphasize a unifying theme that can be of interest to students in multiple majors.
  3. Explain what would make your book club appealing to honors students from myriad majors.
  4. Be sure to detail what will constitute an S in your course.


Submissions Process

All proposals are due on January 18 at 4:45 pm. Hard copies will be accepted in the Honors College (200 Cater Hall) or complete packages can be emailed to the contact listed below.

Proposal Review Procedure

All complete proposals received by the deadline will be assessed by the directorate of the Honors College. Proposals deemed appropriate for further consideration will be sent to the Honors College Faculty Advisory Committee for final selection.

Honors Syllabi Samples

The National Collegiate Honors Council has a detailed list of sample syllabi to use as a resource for creating Honors College courses. View samples.



For further information, please contact:

Dr. Tiffany Sippial

Director of Honors College

Honors College

200 Cater Hall

Auburn University, AL 36849


Phone: (334) 844-5860



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