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Camp War Eagle | Honors College Orientation


About Honors College Orientation

This orientation will introduce you to the Honors College faculty and staff and provide you with information about the Honors College curriculum that will help you correctly register for Honors College courses during Camp War Eagle. Your parents are encouraged to attend and participate in the Honors College break-out.

Orange Break-Out Sessions will be held on the first day of camp in the Auburn University Student Ballroom from 3:05 – 4 pm

Special Advising Sessions will be held on the second day of camp in the Auburn University Student Ballroom Room 2326 from 12 – 1 pm.


There are 10 sessions for Camp War Eagle, which are scheduled during the months of May, June, and July. Each of these sessions will have an Honors College Orange Break-Out and Speical Advising Session.

  • Session 1: May 23-24, Thursday-Friday
  • Session 2: May 30-31, Thursday-Friday
  • Session 3: June 6-7, Thursday-Friday
  • Session 4: June 10-11, Monday-Tuesday
  • Session 5: June 13-14, Thursday-Friday
  • Session 6: June 20-21, Thursday-Friday
  • Session 7: June 24-25, Monday-Tuesday
  • Session 8: June 27-29, Thursday-Friday
  • Session 9: July 8-9, Monday-Tuesday
  • Session 10: July 11-12, Thursday-Friday

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Last modified: May 22, 2019