A Message from the Director

headshot of Director Tiffany Sippial

Dear Students, Alumni, and Friends of the Honors College:

What a year! It hardly seems possible that my first year as director of the Honors College is coming to a close. Thank you to the Honors College team, all the students, and our wonderful campus and community partners who made this year so rich and rewarding. I have enjoyed every minute of the journey thus far and look forward to seeing some of the new initiatives we’ve set in motion continue to bear fruit next year.

As we set out in pursuit of our summer adventures—whether they include travel, study, employment, or service—I encourage you to use this time to EXPLORE your dreams. Summer provides an opportunity to learn more about yourself, your community, and the world we live in. It is a wonderful time to push ourselves to move out of our routine and out of our comfort zone. Our Honors College mission statement encourages us to explore as a means to “pursue truth with courage and conviction.”

For myself, I am excited to be leading another group of thirteen travelers to Cuba through our Honors College Study and Travel program. Even after twenty-three years of travel to the island for my own research, I learn so much on these group travel adventures. I love seeing Cuba through the eyes of my fellow travelers, as their observations and questions allow me to see things in a new way. Our conversations over meals are as enriching as the time we spend wandering the cobble-stoned streets of colonial sugar cities or hiking to mountain waterfalls. I can hardly wait!

May your summer provide a wonderful time to explore a new dream and make it happen. The Honors College team is always here to support and guide you in all of your endeavors.

Wishing you all a safe and adventure-filled break!

Honor Your Dreams!

sig sippial

Dr. Tiffany A. Sippial

Director of The Honors College
Auburn University


Last modified: April 29, 2019