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A Message from the Director

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Hard Work, Anticipation, and Celebration

Happy New Year! The Honors College staff is excited to welcome students back to our classes, student organizations, and social events. Careful planning has gone into every decision as we align our mission to provide an elevated educational experience with our responsibility to promote collective health and wellbeing.

The spring semester is always such a wonderful mix of hard work, anticipation, and celebration. We especially look forward to recognizing through scholarships and other awards the many achievements of the last year in student research, service, leadership, and academic excellence. It is also a time for offering renewed support to honors students’ endeavors by way of our Tiger Giving Day fundraising initiative on February 24.  Your support of our mission is more appreciated than ever as our students work hard to honor their dreams in uncertain and unfamiliar times. We remain so proud of their tenacity, character, and vision.

I remain proud of the ways we are navigating the uncharted waters of the pandemic. Everyone has had to carry heavier burdens, learn new skills, and summon even higher levels of energy and patience during this time. In my fall message, I stated that every challenge offers an opportunity to grow and learn. I personally feel a renewed appreciation for the opportunities before us, which strengthens my resolve to give my best every day. We will emerge from this time of uncertainties even stronger than we were before. Our Honors College team stands prepared to help our students reach that goal.

I wish you a wonderful and healthy spring semester. If I can ever be of service, please never hesitate to contact me via email (tat0004@auburn.edu) or by phone (334-844-5860). I hope that you will also follow me on Instagram @ auhonorsdir

Honor Your Dreams and WAR EAGLE!

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Dr. Tiffany A. Sippial

Director of the Honors College
Auburn University


Last modified: February 8, 2021