About Us

The Honors College is home to nearly 2,000 of Auburn University’s best and brightest students from each of Auburn’s academic colleges and schools. Honors students complete 30 hours of Honors credits, which include honors core, departmental, and contract courses; faculty lead Honors seminars; Honors research seminars; graduate-level classes; as well as Honors study and travel courses, Honors participation courses, and Honors interdisciplinary courses. The Honors curriculum represents a flexible, challenging and individualized path for students as they complete their Auburn University degree.

Each member of our diverse student body graduate as either a University Honors Scholar or Honors Scholar, with designation noted on their transcript and diploma, and awarded the coveted Honors College medal to wear at commencement. This medal symbolizes the student’s passion for excellence during their college career, and serves as a reminder to excel in all aspects of their life.

The Honors College is located in historic Katharine Cooper Cater Hall, in the center of Auburn University’s campus. For more information please email us or stop by Cater Hall during normal business hours.

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