Honors College Office of the Provost

Honors Research Seminars

  • Course: HONR 3987
  • Purpose: To provide honors students with research experience under close supervision with an AU faculty member
  • Contact hours: 3 per week
  • Credit hours: 3
  • Schedule type: Directed study
  • Prerequisites: Good standing in HC; open to any major
  • Minimum enrollment: 10
  • Anticipated enrollment: 15
  • Grading type: Regular (i.e. A-F)
  • Meeting: Class, group or one-on-one. Left up to faculty member’s discretion.
  • Expected outcomes: Each seminar must culminate with a scholarly research or creative product for, at minimum, presentation at AU Research Week.
  • Administration: Course extends through fall and spring semesters; students get
    “NR” at the end of fall and regular grade (i.e. A-F) at the end of spring.
  • Compensation: For sections meeting the minimum enrollment, the Honors College will transfer funds to the appropriate College for further transfer to the faculty member’s department. $1,000 per credit hour + $3,000 research budget (receipts required), no benefits. These funds can be used for any research related activities except the payment of any salaries and/or benefits to the faculty member or any other personnel.
  • Faculty eligibility: Tenured and tenure track full time faculty with a research appointment at AU.

Last modified: January 8, 2021